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the truth : do not get me wrong!


Do not ask me why i write this.

And i know no matter what i say , people will keep thinking whatever they want it to think.

1.  If you think i was like ‘this’ then the truth is that i was like ‘that’.

2.  I read a lot, but i dont even know the meaning of happiness.

3.  I always loves people around me, but  end up dissapointed almost by all of them.

4. Just some people (not much, lets said : two or three?) can sees me in a different way and thankfully they take me just the way i am.

5.  In some way i know that im not a good person,  i do talk about others , sometimes good and often bad.

6.  There is one person i couldnt forget in this world , i remember i called her ‘best friend’ once, but i know now i was       wrong all of this time,  she is not my best friend,  and never would.  But her shadow in my mind never last.

7.  I wish a fairy tale ending when i know that it didnt even exist.

8.  Once i dissapointed with someone, it could be forever.

9.  Im so scared to talk my mind.

10.But sadly i know that to not truly speak your mind and to not being yourself, people still expect you to be this and that. People can never get enough of that.

Nitey nite,

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